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Our Payroll services are the ideal solution to save both employers and freelancers the hassle of contract formalities and payroll administration. We take over the legal aspects of your employer duties and all related operations.


What is Payroll?

Payroll is a service that relieves employers from the worries of contract and payroll administration. All related legal liabilities and obligations are taken over by us as well. A JOB WELL DONE can provide these services for both Businesses and Professionals.

According to a ruling by the Dutch Supreme Court (4 November 2016), Payroll is recognised by the state authorities as a special form of outsourcing and therefore falls under the legal provisions for outsourcing.

This support is also evident from the December 2017 letter from the Minister for Social Affairs and Labour addressed to the Dutch House of Representatives.


Payroll will be designed as an instrument that serves to reduce the burden on employers, and not to compete with conditions of employment.


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Feel free to contact us and drop by sometime or send an e-mail to: or call: 085 047 94 31 for more information.



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