How We Work

A JOB WELL DONE uses advanced software that practically automates the entire Payroll process. We have found the perfect balance between human contact and automation and are reaping the benefits in the form of direct cooperation and efficiency.


Quick start with A Job Well Done!

As a new customer, you’ll go through the following steps:

  1. Registration of your employee. You register the employee online through our custom-designed digital portal; alternatively, the registration can be done by one of our employees.
  2. We check the identity and other particulars of the employee with a special document scan.
  3. Confirmation of the order you place with A JOB WELL DONE. The confirmation is sent to you in digital form.
  4. Employment agreement. We draw up the Employment Agreement according to the salary you have agreed with your employee.
  5. Digital signing of the Employment Agreement with the employee.
  6. WELL DONE! You and your employee get access to the hour registration platform.
  7. Hour registration and other considerations. You or the employee register the working hours in the system; after you approve it, the data is processed and payments are made according to the concluded agreements.
  8. Pay slip. The employee receives a pay slip and the payment from A JOB WELL DONE.
  9. Invoicing. 2 weeks before the payment, you receive a detailed invoice for all employees that are handled by A JOB WELL DONE.
  10. Direct debit. A week before the salary payment is due the amount of the invoice is automatically debited from your account.

Corporate Payroll

Corporate Payrolling

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Professional Payroll

Professional Payrolling

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